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Kanata Chemical Technologies offers high-value products for chemical synthesis including: innovative catalysts and ligands, novel reagents, chiral building blocks, and organic intermediates. Our high-quality products all arrive with certificates of analysis (CoA) and are available in g to kg quantities assuring a secure supply chain for manufacturing.

Aminodiphosphines                    Aminophosphines                          BozPhos and RajPhos                Carbenes                                  Cationic Ru Arene Catalysts

Cationic Ru Catalysts                 Chiral Acyclic Carbenes               Chiral Diamines                            Cyclic Sulfamidates               Diaminodiphosphines

Ferrocelanes                                GarphosTM                                        PACCTM                                          Phosphinobenzaldehydes    Phosphineoxazolines            

Phospholanes                             Rh Phospholane Catalysts            Ru Aminophosphine Catalysts